Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 through instagram

There it is, the last day of the year. It's crazy to look through photos taken during the year and to see how much has happened in just one year. I love instagram and use it a lot, but I know that a lot of my family and friends don't see the pictures I post there. So I thought to recap this past year through my instagram photos. Enjoy!

1. Collage: Me and the kids (explanation from the top left side picture on wards)

1. Noah and I; I cannot believe how small he was in the beginning of the year and to look at him now and see how much he's grown.
2. Emma and I, trying to have a nap time: FAIL, but at least we had fun.
3. At the Williams expo, patting little farm animals, these little things make the childhood so magical.
4. Emma and I while in Finland, she was more concerned about eating her ice cream than taking a picture with me.
5. Me and the kids when we were all sick at the same time and lying on a trampoline. 
6. Noah's first swim, I was so proud.
7. Vappu / May Day, we had heaps of friends over for a picnic and made animal masks and had a lot of giggles.
8. Corrigin in May I think, dad was washing the car and we were suppose to help but I couldn't but give cuddles.
9. Cuballing pub, don't remember what we were there for but I do remember that we both dressed up fancy.

2. Collage: Mornings at our house

1. Drumming on plastic plates first thing in the morning, oh dear.
2. Stuck under the high chair, all because it would be too boring (and quiet) to still on the high chair...
3. Getting dressed by herself in the mornings.. She put on her fancy dress and I got up and made her hair to match her dress.
4. Jog and a green smoothie to start the day, this is how I lost about 12 kilos in the beginning of the year, then the whole rest of the year has been down hill again. Must start this tradition again.
5. Whoops, I think this picture is actually all about bed time stories.
6. She's so full of energy early in the morning, learning here where her Aunty Suvi and Uncle Lassi live in.
7. Picture taken at 9am, shows you how his night was..
8. In Corrigin again and in her new (op shop) pj's that were to begin with too small but that didn't bother her, little brother is now using these (as you can see in picture 2)
9. 8.30am, so hot that we had to run under the sprinkler first thing in the morning.

3. Collage: Food pictures

Yes there's a lot of gingerbread and chocolate and other goodies, so I intentionally put those couple of shots where the kids are eating fruit. We do eat other than cupcakes and marshmallows. Emma eating a ton of strawberries and Noah apricots from our own tree.

4. Collage: Silliness

1. Straws everywhere and constantly! I have since moved them after getting so tired of picking them up from the floor.
2. Learning to cut. How she missed that thumb I will never know.
3. Melbourne cup day dare, this is me at work and yes I kept the fish in my hair for the whole day.
4. Electricity...
5. Standing on a potty so that he could reach the piano, eww.
6. Emma and I after Noah's first birthday party, it was a gentleman's party as you can see. Pure silliness, just the way we like it.
7. Trying to take a photo with a 6 month old, they'll crab everything.
8. Painted all by herself in secret.
9. Painted again all by herself but this time daddy's toes. All the stuff we got up to while dad was on sick leave and not able to move.

5. Collage: This is Australia, part 1

1. Loads of seagulls
2. Beautiful
3. Climbing on a big massive rock, Yilliminning rock
4. 4wd on that same big rock with friends
5. 4wd in the mud!
6. Sunny days in the swing
7. Spiders, ewwwww.
8. Beach and clear blue skies and water.
9. Nap time in the bouncy castle.

6. Collage: This is Australia, part 2

1. Beautiful sunsets and dams on a farm
2. Rainy days
3. BIG thunder storms
4. Kangaroos to play with, Peel Zoo
5. Farms to play with
6. Funny shaped rocks to play with
7. Massive mines
8. Birds that land on you, Peel Zoo
9. Roads that just keep going

7. Collage: Black and white

8. Collage: Us

1. My birthday road trip to Albany, just me and hubby. It was the best birthday ever.
2. Sometimes it's fun to be a kid again, so we did some face painting on each other.
3. Perth LDS temple. 
4. At Noah's first birthday, we can be cool too.
5. Our little family in one shot, there's not many of these pictures on my instagram, in fact, there's only two. Must try to get more family shots next year.
6. Busselton, at the cold time of the year. It must have been raining since I have my raincoat on. 
7. Us at the Police academy, at a friends graduation. It was so great to be there and relive the excitement again.
8. On the road again. No idea where we're headed but it must have been a good trip
9. Date night at a masquerade ball. So much fun.

9. Collage: FINLAND
Our phone didn't have reception in Finland so there weren't very many pictures taken with the iPhone and even half of these have been taken from someone else's phone.

1. In one of my favorite places in Finland, our little forest. I know this part of the forest like the back of my hand. We went to pick up mushrooms and blueberries.
2. Emma got to go for a pony ride as her birthday present from her Finnish best friends. It was so exciting!
3. Pappa, oh how we loved spending time with you. Same goes to all the other relatives. It was so wonderful to catch up with all the family.
4. Australian strawberries taste nothing like Finnish strawberries. I think we lived off of strawberries for the month.
5. One of the best people in the whole wide world, Aunty Suvi. Everyday we miss her and think about her.
6. This picture was taken at 11pm, yes 11 at night! The sun was still that high up! Good luck trying to get kids to sleep.
7. Catching up with high school friends.
8. My little cutie pie!
9. Subway in Helsinki, it feels like a time machine to the 70's.

10. Collage: The fondest memories of 2013

1. I did that! I lost over 12kg in only few short months in the beginning of the year and exercised almost everyday. This is my motivation picture for the year 2014.
2. My brother came to visit us, and it was so much fun to have him and his girlfriend to stay with us. Truly some of the best time in 2013, we achieved so much while they were here.
3. My birthday trip to Albany, pampering all day long. This will be a tough one to beat, darling.
4. That curl! I already miss that curl. I cut his hair last week and all the curls are now gone. Here's to hoping that they will grow back.
5. Quality time with my kids, that trampoline has been so much fun!
6. Our trip to Finland was the highlight of our year. Seeing my best friends and family, eating the yummiest food, nothing could beat that trip.
7. I did that! I flew that! Gliding was my new adventure that I did in 2013. Hopefully I'll get to go again in 2014.
8. My baby turning 1! He's my little handsome fellow, my little gentleman in the making.
9. This would have to be my proudest moment of the whole year, when my daughter (2,5 years in this picture) learned to float on her own. I am still amazed when I look at this picture. So so proud mama here.

I hope you all have had a great year! If you can't remember, go through your photos. If you don't have enough photos then make a resolution that you will take more photos this year. Going through them makes me realise how much we've achieved and how much fun we've had.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 everyone!

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