Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bags, bags, bags

I've been really enjoying making bags lately. Couple for birthday presents, one flew overseas and few are still on my sewing table waiting to be finished.

 Then one time, while I was finishing one of the bags, my daughter came to me with her puppy dog eyes and plead to have a bag of her own. She didn't need to plead much (but I didn't tell her that as I love seeing those puppy dog eyes). I let her choose the fabrics herself. I am definitely not an orange person, but her wish is my command and she wanted an orange bag.

There you have it, her orange bag. The flap pattern I've handprinted and the lining matches the bright exterior. The first couple of nights she slept with the bag by her side. Now it's something she takes with her to special occasions like going food shopping. :)

And now we all sing:

Bags, bags, bags
They're very useful things
If we didn't have bags
What would we use
To put a lot of things in?

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