Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super quick summer toy for water play

We are taking full advantage of summer and we are loving it. Out little blow up pool gets so much use every day, even I've jumped in a few times. You don't need fancy toys to enjoy you summer, so today I'm just quickly popping by to give you a great toy idea that you can do with no cost.

All you need is an empty ice cream container or yogurt container or any container that you wish to use. I'm sure you will have something like that around, I mean who doesn't eat ice cream during summer?! Then you will need a drill. Don't try this with a knife, it doesn't work, trust me... Drill works great.

Once you've got your two items just drill away. When you're finished drilling holes, pull out those few pits of plastic that are left hanging on your container. Super easy! This took me less than 5 minutes to make and we're playing with it every single day. The kids put it in their head and pretend to be astronauts, we make a shower for some of our other toys with it, we make rain and sing rainy day songs. It is the bomb summer toy.

Now excuse me as I head back out there.

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