Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finger painting from 2011

Edit: Yay I found this post! It's from my old blog, written in November 2011! Crazy how time has gone so fast. And how come I didn't remember that this finger paint is so easy to make! Oh well, we're going to give this a go too so that Noah can get messy too. Enjoy for the glimpse to the past!  

Last week was a bit like a holiday for us. My husband took the week off and spent it with us, because today he is starting at the Police Academy and we will only see him during the weekends. It was so nice having him around, but still we were busy doing things around the house all week.

So I thought we should do something together with Emma.

One part water, one part flour and then some food colouring! That simple!

It was perfectly sunny and warm day to do it, so we went outside, stripped her nearly naked and started painting.

First some paper and then some feet.

And then anything we could find.

It was so much fun! I recomend it to anyone.

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