Monday, December 2, 2013

Oven proof dish with a personalized message

Let's have another Christmas present that your child can help making. This can be made probably by any child over 2. Obviously the younger the child the more help they might need from you!

All you need is
  • an oven proof dish (they don't cost much, but if you want to save even more money go to op shops)
  • letter stickers
  • sharpie

Come up with a message you'd like to see when the dish is empty. I wanted to write 'that was so good', or 'that was so yum grandma' but these letters I had in my stash had been bought from Finland and there had been only one letter g and it had already been used, I had to improvise.

Stick your letters down and let your child go nuts. I encouraged Emma to just make spots and at the end I added a few spots around the letters just to make sure that they were covered all around.

When you're happy with it start peeling the letters off and see how magical it is when the letters appear!

 Before you wrap it remember to bake your dish so that the sharpie will stay on the dish. 30 minutes in 150 degrees should do the trick.

I think anyone who loves cooking will love this gift, especially if you write a personalized message. And there you have it, another cheap and quick Christmas present any child can make.


  1. Great idea and even looks easy to make :)

  2. Tehtiin tänään neljä kippoa neitokaisen kanssa, tosin taisin auttaa vähän liikaa... Kiitos ihanasta ideasta!

    1. Voi ihana! Jos otit kuvia niin pliis laita mulle mä haluisin niin nähdä!