Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quickest handmade Christmas calendar

IT'S 30th OF NOVEMBER! That means that movember is finally over, WOHOOO! Sorry, I get a bit excited about that because I haven't been a big fan of the mo. But really what I meant to say was that TOMORROW IS THE 1st OF DECEMBER! Do you have your Christmas calendars?

I made one for Emma last year, but it didn't work as I hadn't bought something for all of the little bags so it looked silly and those ones that I had put something in, she would pull out before it was even that day. This year I nearly bought a chocolate one, but then it hit me. What if you made just one Christmas calendar bag and just put your surprise in it the night before so one treat at a time.

This will cost you next to nothing and take you maybe 30 minutes to make.

Here's what you'll need:

  • material (any kind, you could use an old sheet, or a pillow case, old curtain or a t-towel)
  • sewing machine (if you don't want to hand stitch)
  • a bit of ribbon
  • fabric pens (optional)

First cut your material. I just cut what looked like a good size.

Who cares about wrinkles, just iron later.
Before you sew your long sides together, get a piece of ribbon and make a hoop out of it and put it in between the two sides, remember to leave the ribbon on the right sides of the material so that it ends up on outside of your bag. Sew the sides together.

Now put that seam in the middle and sew the bottom of your bag.

Then just decorate with fabric pens and iron.

Now wasn't that easy? So if you have a sewing machine in your cupboard, get it out and make your own Christmas calendar, no excuses to buy one last minute.

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