Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Diy reversible felt tiara

All right, I think the vintage princess skirt needs a little tiara to go with it! After all all princess' need a tiara or two. And what better one to make than reversible one, two in one you might say, because sometimes your outfit might need a different coloured tiara.

Here's what you'll need:

  • felt (two different colours)
  • sequins
  • template (you can print THIS one if you want)
You don't necessary need a sewing machine for this, but it makes your project quicker.

First you need a template. Measure your child's head and make that the length of the template, fold it in half and draw the shape you want your tiara to look like (folding it in half helps you to make it symmetrical). Or if it's easier, you can print the one I made, HERE.

Cut your felt pieces and decorate with sequins. Then it's just about sewing the pieces together. First sew the back seam, then the top of the tiara and lastly the bottom seam. Don't try to make the pieces totally same size before you start sewing, felt moves a little when you use a sewing machine. Instead sew the pieces together and cut out the edges even afterwards.

There you have it, tiara that you can turn around and use both ways, takes you maybe 30 minutes to make. Now I'm going to go and wrap Emma's vintage princess skirt and her tiara.

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