Thursday, December 12, 2013

Diy dress up present for a boy // SUPERHERO cape

I've been feeling very sick for this week. My body must be still in Finland, because it's getting sick in December even though here it's so hot. Go figure. Lucky I'm only making quick presents this Christmas so I'm not exhausting myself too much.

Today I thought I'd share with you how to make a super quick dress up costume for a boy. Though I'm giving this for my daughter as she is playing superheros at the moment, so I'd say it fits well for both.

YES, it's a BATMAN cape! You don't have to make a batman cape, you could use this idea to make any superhero cape, or make one of each! Red for superman (or is that blue one?), green for ... I don't know enough about superheros, but you get my drift.

All you need is:

  • pillowcase (yes a pillowcase!, you could use an old sheet as well or old curtains.. anything that's material pretty much!)
  • felt (for your superhero logo)
  • ribbon or shoe laces
  • superhero logo template (google and print)

I started out by cutting the pieces for my batman logo. First I printed the logo out of the Internet and cut out the yellow oval and then the black batman from felt. Pretty easy so far. Then I sewed the batman on the yellow oval, this was a bit tricky so a more simple superhero symbol might be easier to begin with.

 After you're finished with the logo get your pillowcase and cut the long sides so you have one long piece of material. Then choose how long you want your cape and cut. Make a seam on the long sides so that they don't fray, overlocker does this one great, but if you don't have an overlocker then just zigzag the sides.

Sew your superhero logo to your cape. After that iron the casing where the ribbon will go through and sew that. Then put your ribbon through that casing with the help of a safety pin and you're done!

 I apologise that the pictures aren't too clear, but I don't have much energy at the moment to make them good. Oh well mentality over here. But I'm so happy how it turned out. Now my daughter doesn't have to use scarves as capes anymore, she will have a real batman cape!

Tomorrow really quickly a quick guide how to make the most basic superhero mask with a template to download.

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