Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Personalized pillowcases // kids craft


 Lets start thinking of Christmas presents shall we, better yet, lets start MAKING them! I was thinking whether I should share ideas that you can make for your kids first or whether to share ideas that your kids can make themselves. Well I'll share them all in time and they are all so quick to make that the order doesn't really matter.

This first present idea is one that your children can do, and it was a lot of fun and kept my child very busy and concentrated a long time. It's super easy and CHEAP and doesn't take much time to make. *Drum roll please* PERSONALIZED PILLOWCASES!

Let me explain to you why it's so cheap. Pillowcases are CHEAP! They don't really cost a lot of money! But if you decide to make this for a family member, you could actually take one from your cupboard and use that! Most of us have heaps of pillowcases without any prints that are just waiting to be decorated. And that way you have not bought anything, you've just taken it from the cupboard! Also op shops have a lot of pillowcases for something like 50 cents, that's if you don't mind using someone else's old pillowcases (I'd still wash them first).

I let Emma choose what colour pillowcase she wanted to decorate. So after you've pulled out your pillowcases from your cupboard all you need is an old news paper and a fabric marker. I was dreaming of doing blanket covers as well, but my daughter is too young to have the patience to draw that many people.. But if you have a bit older kids and decide to let them decorate blanket covers make sure to take a picture, I so want to see what it would look like.

Put your newspaper inside the pillow case so that the fabric marker won't go through to the other side, and then just let your child's imagination run wild and draw what ever they feel like.

It's very tempting to tell our kids what to draw but try letting them draw what they feel like. It was so much fun to come and have a look what she had drawn and then ask her what they all were. I wrote under all the pictures what she had drawn as I really want to look back and remember what she drew.

Once your child is finished drawing remember to iron the pictures in. That way the pictures won't come of when you need to wash the pillowcase.

I love this end result! I know we're going to give this to her dad, but I think it'll end up in her memory box. I'm sure that she'll find some of these pictures very funny when she's a teenager. Can you spot the octopus or the ladybird? What about the dinosaur with a bellybutton? And I love her explanation on that weird looking person:

Em: Emma is big and strong because Emma goes to gym.

Me: What are those spiky things in your mouth?

Em: They are my teeth

Well of course they are!! How silly of me..

There you go, first Christmas present idea that costs next to nothing and takes about half an hour for your child to do.


  1. Wow Emma is actually a great drawer, Mitch still just scribbles!
    From Chantal

    1. Really? I thought she was pretty average, her cousin draws really good..

  2. One thing I always loved getting for my birthday as a child was a new pillow case. My grandmother always gave us a personalized pillow case. It usually had our name on it and a picture of our hobby. I want to buy some for my own kids. http://www.lovemom.com/children

  3. This is so cute! I would love to have my kid do this for their dad. Thanks for the great idea! http://www.lovemom.com/children