Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little shiny lizard

 Now can someone please help me and tell me what these little lizards are called? In Finnish sisilisko, but when I've asked around in here people just don't seem to know. Lucky we speak Finnish at home so I don't have to know the English word, though I am intrigued.

We love spotting these little lizards that are hiding in our garden beds. Emma can sit a long time still, waiting for one to appear and then slowly she sees how close she can get before they run and hide from her. How amazing are little children, at times it feels like they doesn't have any patience and then something little like this and they've got all the patience in the world.

Here's a fun lizard craft for you and your children.

List of the things you'll need:

  • some cardboard (please recycle, for example use an empty cerial box)
  • lizard template (HERE'S the one we used)
  • pen
  • foil
  • pva glue
  • paint brush

Start by cutting a lizard template. While you're cutting your little one can tear the foil in little pieces. Then draw the lizard on your cardboard (we had an old ice cream cone box that had already been used for something else as well). Turn the cardboard around and let your child start gluing the foil pieces on the cardboard. You don't want them to glue on the side where you've drawn the lizard, otherwise by the time they are done, you don't know where to cut.

Let the piece dry well before you cut it. When it's time to cut it, turn your piece around and you have the lizard picture you had traced earlier all ready to be cut out. Bigger children could obviously cut the lizard out themselves. Now your shiny lizard is all ready! Unless you want to give it a bit of paint. We did, we always love to give everything a bit of paint. Zic zac and spots, that's exactly what this little lizard needed.

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