Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Little gentleman party

When I met my husband for the first time, my first impression was WOW what a gentleman. True story. And you know what they say about first impressions... So I thought to keep him, seeing as true gentlemen are very rare thing these days, I had struck gold. Every now and then I stop and marvel at the great job his mother has done in raising such a great man. Then I look at myself and ponder if I'm on the right track at all with raising my little darling.

That is my aim, teaching him to be a true gentleman, just like his father is. One of those very rare specimens. So in that theme we threw him a little gentleman party in honour of turning big 1. Bow ties, mustaches, top hats, that's what little gentlemen are made of.

Rule no.56. Gentleman always makes sure that everyone is dressed to suit the occasion. Bow ties for all the little guests.
Rule no.12. Gentleman always makes sure that all the bellies are full and well nourished.

Our gentleman's coctail party table included dips and crackers, dukkah, gourmet sandwiches, vegetable sticks, fruit kebabs, sippy drinks, and my favorite; frozen banana treats. As a cake I once again made cupcakes. I think they work so great with little people. All the food was thought to suit 1 year olds hence why there wasn't too many sugary treats.

Rule no. 93. Gentleman never eats too much cake.
Rule no. 134. Gentleman never says no for a little help, especially from mama.
Rule no. 46. Gentleman always makes sure that there is something fun to do.

Rule no. 45. Gentleman always makes sure that everyone has a good time.
Rule no. 76. Gentleman always says thank you and makes others feel appreciated.

What a dear little gentleman we've got there. Thank you everyone who came to spend the day with us and 6for all the wonderful gifts. Feeling very blessed.

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