Monday, October 21, 2013

Painting news papers

Just as I was telling you all to enjoy the sunshine, it started raining. It rained all weekend and though we were super happy for our roses and vegie patc, it was a bit too easy to just stare at the tv and cuddle on the couch. Half way through the rainy day though I turned that tv off and got the watercolours out.

I don't like painting with the watercolours on normal a4 as the paper gets all wrinkly, usually we use proper watercolour paper, but I felt like making a mess today and not wasting our good papers. So we tried using yesterday's news paper. Great way to be allowed to make a big mess and you can just throw the paper in the bin after you're done, you were going to throw it away anyway. Unless if you create something worth keeping, then just keep it. Though the news paper will wrinkle as well.

 You can paint so many ways, with a brush, with your fingers.. I drew some little creatures by request that she wanted to colour with her fingers. Lots of fun to do painting with no cost and I didn't mind if she just went silly with the watercolours, I threw the papers away afterwards.

I do have an idea of a project to do with newspaper that would actually be worth keeping a while, but she's too young to do it for now. I realised that as we were doing these paintings, she just wanted to make a mess, and that's fine for now. I did keep one of her creations. The kids room's walls are so empty after painting them a couple of months ago that I thought it's time to start collecting little pits and pieces. Let this be the start.

Have a great Monday everyone! May it be a little bit crafty!

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  1. The painting looks great with the whale shark :) And when you manage to filll the whole wall with art, it will look so cute!