Friday, October 25, 2013

Growing hair to pot friends

Every spring we plant some seeds and seedlings in our garden. Emma is always so excited about the planting and watering those plants, but it takes so long for the little seeds to start growing. It's very long for a little girl to wait and wait. So this year I thought we'd make some funny faces and grow them some wheatgrass hair.

Wheatgrass grows super quick. In only couple of days we spotted some shoots appearing. So exciting! We used the plant pots, where our seedlings had been, to plant our wheatgrass in. First I let Em to draw some funny faces. Well they are just normal faces for her, but it was the first time ever that she's drawn eyebrows! Maybe she thinks that eyebrows make a face look funny. Then we planted the seeds, just at the surface is fine, got a spray bottle and started spaying the seeds with water. The spray bottle makes the tending of these seeds much more fun as well!

Once your hair is grown, you can have as much fun as you want with it. Braid it, put it on a ponytail, and if you use wheatgrass you can alway juice it after for a super healthy green shot.

Ha! That wild child with a dirty shirt seems to have same hair as her little plant pot friends. Childhood is so magical time, isn't it. Not a care in the world.

Apparently for juicing wheatgrass you need a specific juicer, which we don't have, but I'm going to try how thermomix will work it. If it works great I'll probably let you know and if it doesn't, this is the last you'll hear of it. :)

Have fun making some grass hair for your little pot friends!

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